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Blockchain technology holds the promise of unlocking tens of billions of dollars of value annually. Some have proposed the use of blockchain for identity applications. However, there are a number of issues with the technology that are still being resolved. The Swirlds hashgraph is a radically different approach to distributed consensus. This hashgraph can resolve scaling and security issues, while providing new abilities that enable new applications of distributed consensus. This talk will compare blockchain and hashgraph, and describe the implications for identity, and beyond.

This class will go in depth on what the Swirlds hashgraph system is, and how it works. It will walk you through how to download the SDK, how to write simple apps using it, and how to use some of the features it provides. This will include a step-by-step walkthrough of writing a simple Swirlds app based on the hashgraph, from start to finish.

Hashgraph Consensus: Detailed Examples
Leemon Baird
Swirlds Inc
December 2016

Slides based on Swirlds Technical Report

How has Swirlds used the one-time payment of 10% of SAFT fundraise from Hedera?

Swirlds is a privately held company, not obligated to publicly disclose financial information, but we want to provide clarity around a question we have received from the Hedera community. The funds received from Hedera support Swirlds engineering, securing the IP, and other activities to build the Hashgraph platform and services in support of Hedera. Leemon [...]

January 26th, 2020|Blog|

Welcoming Our New Developer Advocate – Ken Anderson

The Swirlds team is excited to announce the addition of Lead Developer Advocate, Ken Anderson! Ken brings 20 years of experience in system design and software architecture to the role and is a serial entrepreneur. He has a diverse background ranging from strategic business planning to solutions development for information systems. Ken is passionate about [...]

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News from the Cloud Identity Summit

By Leemon Baird Swirlds Launches with Ping Identity and Distributed Session Management We had a great week in New Orleans at the Cloud Identity Summit.   Patrick Harding, CTO of Ping Identity, set the stage by introducing Swirlds hashgraph in his keynote, describing some of its features and the importance of distributed consensus to future identity [...]

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