Hashgraph distributed consensus platform company continues to deliver on technology roadmap

Dallas, TX – March 21, 2018 – Swirlds, creators of the hashgraph distributed consensus platform, announced the addition of Mr. Patrick Harding as Senior Vice President of Products for Swirlds and Hedera Hashgraph. Harding will enable Swirlds, Hedera, customers, partners, and prospects to further identify ways to use hashgraph technology to build fast, secure, fair, fully distributed applications that harness the power of the cloud without servers.

With more than 25 years of distributed computing, cyber-security and digital identity experience, Harding was formerly the CTO for Ping Identity. He was a key member of the executive team with responsibility for establishing product and technology strategy and standards development, as well as for Ping Labs.

“Patrick’s depth in product strategy, security architecture and market intelligence will be of great benefit to us, as we leverage the hashgraph distributed consensus algorithm to create trustworthy, distributed applications with unlimited scope and scale,” said Mance Harmon, Swirlds Founder and CEO. “He understands how hashgraph addresses the limitations of current distributed ledger solutions, especially for key industries, including financial services, health care, IOT and multiplayer games. We look forward to having him explore these use cases with our customers and partners.”

Prior to Ping Identity, Harding was a Vice President and Security Architect at Fidelity Investments. He has been involved in a number of identity and security initiatives, including the Open Identity Exchange, OpenID Foundation, Cloud Security Alliance, and the Information Card Foundation, where he was a Founding Board Member. Harding has also contributed to the development of various industry standards, including SAML 2.0 and SCIM (System for Cross Domain Identity Management), has been published in IEEE, and is a sought after speaker at global security conferences including RSA, Digital ID World, Gartner Catalyst, Cloud Identity Summit, and more.

“The hashgraph team has built something truly unique: a distributed consensus platform that enables the development of applications that are secure, fair and have rapid throughput,” said Harding. “Being an active part of revolutionary technology change has been a career mantra for me. There are so many potential applications of this technology, and I’m looking forward to sharing my expertise to advance hashgraph’s development and use.”

Swirlds hashgraph is fast, secure and fair. The hashgraph consensus algorithm, developed by Swirlds Co-Founder and CTO Leemon Baird, uses an entirely new protocol to enable distributed and decentralized communities to reach consensus in a fast and secure way. Further technical details can be found at www.swirlds.com/Overview-of-Swirlds-Hashgraph.pdf.

About Swirlds

Swirlds is a platform to build and run shared worlds — fully distributed applications that harness the power of the cloud without servers.  Applications built on the Swirlds platform create trust in peer-to-peer networks without a central server, leveraging the hashgraph consensus algorithm to deliver high transaction throughput, low consensus latency, and fairness in transaction order. Rapidly gaining traction across a wide swath of categories from gaming to online collaboration to financial services, Swirlds is building the trust layer of the internet by enabling developers to create fair, fast and secure applications.
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