Swirlds Platform — New Approach Empowers Businesses and Developers

Swirlds is a development platform to build and run swirlds (shared worlds)—fully distributed, fast applications that harness the power of the cloud without servers. Swirlds can be built and run with better trust than today’s server-based applications, and the Swirlds hashgraph technology offers a radically different approach to distributed consensus than current blockchain solutions.

Developers can create distributed applications with unlimited scope and scale. Leveraging the hashgraph distributed consensus algorithm, Swirlds enables developers to build trusted applications that are always available, without the use of central servers. Applications built on the Swirlds platform are fair, fast, and achieve consensus quickly, giving the user 100% certainty in the consensus order. Swirlds removes the obstacles inherent in blockchain technology. Blockchain can’t enforce fairness and can be challenged with high latency and probabilistic consensus, and often requires costly, wasteful mining. Swirlds broadens the range of applications that can be decentralized. In short, Swirlds provides a platform for building the trust layer of the internet.

  • Fair Ordering of Transactions
  • Low Latency
  • Low CPU Requirements (no need for Proof-of-Work)
  • Low Memory Requirements
  • High Throughput

Distributed Consensus System

The goal of a distributed consensus system is to allow a community of users to come to an agreement on the order in which some of them generated transactions, when no single member is trusted by everyone. In this way, it is a system for generating trust, when individuals do not already trust each other.

Distributed consensus system

Reliable. Secure. Cost-effective.

  • Applications are always available, as reliable as the internet
  • More transactions per second
  • Attackers can’t force actions, block actions, or steal data
  • Distributed server is more DDOS resilient
  • No recurring server costs
  • No hosting cost or cost per transaction
  • No data center constraints enable scalability

Trust. Fairness. Consensus.

Most applications today are hosted on central servers and require users to trust the hosting organizations to ensure the security and fairness of the system. Swirlds is the only alternative today that allows fairness and distributed consensus to inherently co-exist. This ensures that all transactions happen efficiently, reliably, and are recorded in the order in which they are submitted, without the need for centralized trust.

Key Markets & Applications

Businesses today need trusted, distributed applications that are not controlled by any single organization, for uses such as distributed identity directories, auctions, stock markets, cryptocurrencies, and even multiplayer games. While early distributed consensus networks like blockchain have gained recognition for their potential to solve the challenges in creating trust within peer-to-peer networks, in reality these early networks have limitations. Swirlds distributed consensus platform enables the development of applications that are distributed, fair, and have rapid throughput—concepts that have not ever before been brought together on a single platform.

Swirlds hashgraph — bringing new power to distributed consensus

The hashgraph data structure and Swirlds consensus algorithm provide a new platform for distributed consensus. The Swirlds hashgraph system achieves the goal of distributed consensus, but without the constraints of current blockchain technology. Swirlds provides distributed consensus while also being fair, fast, provable, Byzantine, ACID compliant, efficient, inexpensive, timestamped, DoS resistant, and optionally non-permissioned.

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